The Canadian boreal forest starts above the 50th parallel and spans the country, bordered to the north by the tundra and arctic. It is vast and largely uninhabited; containing over 3 million square kilometers completely devoid of roads and industrial development. Water abounds here, as the forest is home to five of the world’s largest river systems and nearly 200 million acres of surface freshwater. It is one of the last true wildernesses on the planet and fly angler’s dream.

British Columbia is legendary for its wild Steelhead and Salmon, and trips of a lifetime are made fishing rivers like the Skeena, the Dean, and the Bulkley. But Northern BC has thousands of kilometers of nearly unfished and unheard of wild rivers throughout the rest of the Northern region that hold massive, hyper-aggressive Bull Trout and big, hard fighting Rainbows. I created Boreal Rises to document the experiences and encounters of fly fishing this remote and wild country as well as provide a reference of the conditions, strategies, and techniques that make fly fishing here so challenging and rewarding.


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