Yes, it’s still winter here in northern BC and she ‘s upped her game all this week with a nice dose of snow and a high of -20 for the week. I’ve been steadily preparing myself for fishing season all winter with, new flies, new lines, new rods… Oh, and a new boat. When I can’t fish I’m surfing Youtube watching fly fishing. I’m ready. So I’m a little perturbed with Mother Nature’s decision to revisit the height of the season. Have I mentioned I work outside? Maybe Global warming really isn’t such a bad thing. 

I’ve read that trout thrive in harsh conditions. Surviving winter isn’t easy. Just ask the Grasshopper. And unlike what happened in that story, in nature; no one is going to take you in, feed you, and keep you warm. In order to survive the winter in a frozen river, trout spend the warm months feeding voraciously on anything that resembles a food source. For a trout in Northern BC aquatic insects are cool but once they are big enough, they prefer things like fish and small mamals.  Bull Trout will eat whatever they can fit in their mouths. I once saw a guy catch a 24″ Bull Trout on a 12″ plastic fishlike lure; gut the thing on shore only to find a 12″ inch rainbow in its belly it ate an hour prior. ( I know they are catch and release and maybe this guy did too, but I don’t think he cared) The point is, to be a fish up here you gotta be tough. So when It’s freezing cold out and I start whining I just tell myself if old mister Rainbow can get through the winter at the bottom of a frozen river I don’t have it so bad and when it gets warm out I’m gonna try to set a hook in his lip while he’s getting ready for the next freeze.



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